Sonoma County Juvenile Hall Upgrade


Project Summary:

Complete upgrade of intercom system back-end, while preserving HMI interface and PLC integration.  We replaced existing system comprised of analog matrix switches and relays with a digital Harding DXL system providing VOIP audio to improve audio quality and system reliability.



Existing analog equipment was replaced with a complete Harding DXL system.  Existing field wiring and intercoms were retained while the entire back-end was replaced with digital equipment allowing greater customization and much improved reliability.  The DXL system was integrated with the existing PLC based call queue to preserve the existing HMI.  Integration of the Harding and PLC is handled by a QUCM translating PLC inputs to ASCII Harding commands.


New Harding VOIP master stations replaced the existing microphones.  These master stations connect to the Harding system over Ethernet, using existing network infrastructure.  Existing touchscreen software in central control and in each housing unit were integrated with the new Harding Hardware, minimizing the changes visible to facility staff to create a seamless transition to the new system with reduced need for retraining.



The Harding system software is customized to the facility’s needs and allows for future expansion or customization as new needs arise.  The system is integrated with the facility’s existing HMI and PLC software.  All functions are controlled from touchscreen HMI’s and VoIP Harding master stations,


Additional Features:

Music Stations – Music stations are selected on stereo equipment within the housing unit, which is then broadcast by the Harding DXL directly to the sleeping room intercoms within the housing unit.  There are two music channels available per housing unit.